My Projects

Creasaur Internship Project

Flashball: Glow Out
Summer 2019

In the first week of my internship, we were asked to come up with hyper-casual game mechanic ideas. We came up with bunch of ideas and implemented the basic mechanics of 4 of them. Flashball has chosen as our first project. Player's objective is to wait for the opportunity to cross the walls and reach the next stage before time runs out. If player hits a guard, game is over. Originally thought as an endless runner but then we decided turn it into a level system. After hitting walls uninterruptedly for a while, player can "charge" through guards.

Creasaur Internship Project

Seaside Idle Tycoon
Summer 2019

After Flashball, we were asked to implement a game that has already been designed by the company's game designers. In this game, player is an enterpreneur who has purchased a small shop by the beach and tries to expand their business. Players can buy new shops, unlock new items to sell, upgrade their shops, hire new employees and so on. Gripping part of the game is the simulation part of the game. It is intended to make customers not only wander in shops but go to beach, swim, tan, play volleyball etc. Sadly, my internship came to an end before finishing the game.

2019 Global Game Jam ATOM

Keeper of the Grove
January 2019
GGJ Website

Hey you! You are the keeper of the grove! Your main goal is to keep the balance of the living beings in this grove. There are trees, which can rot or be cut down by lumberjacks, or the animals which can die of old age or be hunted down by hunters! Keep your grove safe with your three bestowed skills and maintain balance as fast as possible, or there may be consequences!

2018 Global Game Jam ATOM

Dance of Legacies
February 2018
GGJ Website

You are the last successor of a culture on the brink of extinction. To make sure your culture carries on, you have to pass it on to others by Interactions like Greeting, Dancing or Singing.

Ludum Dare 45

September 2019

When people come together in game jams,they don’t have any idea of the theme and they dont have nothing. Then perfect jammers come together, learn the theme and they try to produce magnificent games. Developed in Ludum Dare 45 with Theme: Start with nothing

Unity Demos

Six! Repository

Collect Cubes Repository

Sand Balls Repository

This projects were created as job application demos and each were finished under 48 hours. They were made in Unity and in C#.

Senior Design Project

2018 Fall - 2019 Spring Semesters

This project rose from the need which composed from fun and cover music at the same time. This project’s aim is satisfied that need by let people to communicate who carries similar musical taste and also people want to have fun by sharing videos that they might record or create by combining other people’s sharing’s. However, while joining people with similar music tastes the reachability is an important factor. Thus, the project has designed as a mobile application in order to satisfy the need for making easier of people’s access the sociability.

WeCover is meant to be an entertaining social media application with unique video recording and sharing abilities to make the users have fun, socialize and express their feelings with music. The core feature of this application is its ease of content creation and sharing them, which users can use its all capabilities to make music and have fun doing it. These quality contents will be shared on the application and people will be attracted to these contents. Since there is always a human factor and a race among the users to get popular, there will always be new content that users will get attracted to.

Users do not need to play an instrument to use the app. They can be the editor of a post by collaborating with other people or upload videos from memory and create videos. A user can also see the posts that the user follows, discover new videos by searching through genres and get socialized under the posts by leaving comments and likes.

To conclude, the aim is to create a unique application that both is challenging the current social media applications and create a new medium for musicians to express their music and get social.

WeCover is developed using following tools:

• IDE: Android Studio

• Database & Storage: Google Firebase

• Version Control: Github

• Code Review: Gerrit

• Graphic Assets: Illustrator, GIMP

• Communication: Slack

Software Product Line Engineering Project

Community RTS Engine
2018 Summer Semester
Github Link

Real time strategy games (henceforth referred to as RTS) are a very popular genre of video games with the ability to control, construct, create and interact with various units, buildings and terrains. As such subgenres of RTS have evolved over time. We, as a group have decided to serve various subgenres of RTS games and create an engine capable of producing differing types of RTS games seeing as many have a huge set in common across many platforms.

With the aforementioned in mind, we have opted to create a real time strategy game engine that allows us to create at least 3 different types of RTS games, appealing to different consumers with different interests and needs. Building on a core engine which provides the core graphical assets, animations, movement and interaction mechanics, static maps and aesthetic style, we designed three games as follows; Commander, Kingdom Builder & Spells and Battlefields.

Commander is a classical competitive RTS and draws inspirations from classic games like Age of Empires, Red Alert, Warcraft, Starcraft etc. Kingdom Builder is a sandbox simulation game which is aimed at noncompetitive players who opt for more slow paced simulation games and it draws heavily from Settlers and Anno series of games, Finally Spells and Battlefields is the fast paced version that revolves around 1 vs 1 fight on a single map. This game target players that like to play short matches and that are more likely to use mobile gaming platforms and is similar to games like Clash Royale.

Object-Oriented Programming Project

Left 4 F
2018 Spring Semester
Github Link

Left 4 F is a turn based RPG game where you try to graduate from Bilkent CS department. Throughout your journey you encounter many homeworks, assignments, projects and professors. Your goal is to defeat them with your knowledge and graduate without getting F's.

Object-Oriented Programming Project

Ywon & Elward
2017 Fall Semester
Github Link

Ywon & Elward is an Adventure-Survival RPG game where Ywon is trying to save Elward from Niflheim who was sent there for his cowardness in battle. Being profoundly in love wıth Elward, Ywon decides to undergo a dangerous and life-threatening odyssey in order to save him from Niflheim.

Database Systems Project

2018 Fall Semester
Github Link

Betball is a web-based social betting platform in which users can bet on football and basketball matches. The website will be used by people who want to bet on several football and basketball matches, create slips of bets and gamble with these slips on football and basketball matches. Moreover, users can also get socialized in the website by commenting to matches and bet slips, and joining chat rooms to debate about the matches.

Database Systems Project

Football Database Management
2018 Spring Semester
Github Link

In this project, our group will design and implement a football database system for a website which holds and shows informations about football community. For the user interface, we plan to use CSS, HTML and JavaScript. In order to manage data easily, we are using MySQL.

Machine Learning Project

Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Fine Foods Reviews
2019 Spring Semester
Github Link

Amazon and similar e-commerce websites are used vastly for online shopping purposes and these websites allow their users to write reviews about the products or services they received. These reviews have significant influence on the other users while deciding to buy a product or not. Therefore, it is valuable information to know the essence of a specific product's reviews. Furthermore, a classification made by the information gathered from these reviews can be applied to services such as product summary and product recommendation system. In this project, we intend to classify the usefulness of each product by studying their reviews using different learning models. We have implemented Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes (Gaussian, Multinomial and Bernoulli), k-NN, SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Neural Networks and AdaBoost. To implement the algorithms, Python scikit-learn library is used.

Artificial Intelliegence Project

Einstein Crossword Puzzle Solver
2017 Fall Semester
Github Link

A cross-word puzzle solver for fulfilling the requirements of course project of CS 461-Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Design Project

Traffic Light Mark III
2016 Fall Semester

Worked on a Digital Design 2-people project about a traffic light system on a crossroads which had sound output for deaf people and a random input system. Designed and developed the system using System Verilog on the FPGA.